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10 Celebrities Who Are Surprisingly Secretly Ripped

Some celebrities are ripped but seem not to shout it from the rooftop. Whereas others flaunt their bodies, these guys keep it on the down yet they are still unbelievable and may actually surprise you.

Dwayne Johnson Just Moved To The UK And Brought An Insanely Big Gym With Him

No one likes to work out more than The Rock (OK, maybe Mark Wahlberg…), so it’s no surprise that Dwayne Johnson would want a place to work out wherever he ends up around the world. But unlike us mere mortals who would have to find a local Planet Fitness, The Rock brings the gym to

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These Women Believe A 95% Meat Diet Has Made Them Slim, Happy And Full of Energy

Being Vegan is no longer shrouded in secrecy or shame, instead it is an increasingly popular diet trend with its own celebratory month in January – ‘Veganuary’. Whether it be for health, environmental or ethical reasons, Veganism uptake has soared, but of course with any trend rising in popularity, it is only a matter of

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Watch James Corden Hilariously Struggle Through Mark Wahlberg’s Morning Workout

Mark Wahlberg recently responded to an Instragrammer’s question into his daily routine with the answer immediately causing a fan frenzy.  His detailed and very intense daily schedule featured two work-outs and a cryo chamber session, starting at 2.30am! Never one to miss an opportunity, presenter James Corden bravely joined the Hollywood heartthrob for the 3.40am workout for a

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