Watch James Corden Hilariously Struggle Through Mark Wahlberg’s Morning Workout

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Mark Wahlberg recently responded to an Instragrammer’s question into his daily routine with the answer immediately causing a fan frenzy.  His detailed and very intense daily schedule featured two work-outs and a cryo chamber session, starting at 2.30am!

Never one to miss an opportunity, presenter James Corden bravely joined the Hollywood heartthrob for the 3.40am workout for a new episode of The Late Late Show deeming it the ‘4am Club’.

The presenter wakes up looking extremely tired and once he has showered, notes that Mark is currently at the prayer stage of his routine. He hilariously jokes:

‘According to Mark Wahlberg’s Instagram schedule, he is praying right now. And so am I. I’m praying that he cancels.’

All credit to him, he throws himself into the gym session, lifting weights, skipping and using the full body workout ropes which he wasn’t sure was all part of ‘some weird dream’.



Cordon eventually presents Wahlberg with their own ‘merch’ – t-shirts with ‘4am Club’ printed on them.

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All the frenzy and intrigue behind this TV gold started when Mark opened up about the daily routine which helps him achieve his mega body.

On the former rapper’s list were two major workouts that lasted more than an hour, two showers, snacks and meals, golf and business meetings with some family time thrown in – a routine that has baffled his fans.


We have mad respect for Mark in keeping this regime up, but he isn’t the only one, with ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson hot on his heels to take the ultimate workout crown. Now that’s a workout duo we’d love to see!

Catch the hilarious video here:

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