Two ‘World’s Strongest Men’ Had A Very Uncomfortable Flight Together

Strongmen Eddie Hall and Brian Shaw experienced one of the most uncomfortable flights ever after being seated next to one another on their flight from London to Scotland. Both are over 6ft and weigh more than 300lbs!

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Just recently, Hafthor Björnsson aka The Mountain, revealed his daily struggles being a 400lb weightlifter with the main issue being small airline seating. Even for us regular folk, the seating inflight can be pretty uncomfortable, so imagine being the width of two seats squeezing into one. Well that’s exactly what happened to strongmen Eddie Hall and Brian Shaw recently when they took a commercial flight from London to Scotland.


Their faces really do say it all…

Unbelievably, despite their stature, the airline hostesses sat the two men next to one another making for a ridiculously tight squeeze and possibly the most uncomfortable flight ever. In numbers, 2017 World’s Strongest Man, Eddie Hall (on the left), is 6ft3in and weighs over 300lbs, whilst four-time WSM champion Brian Shaw measures at 6ft8in.

Hall was quick to post the encounter on Instagram and voice dismay that no one else on the flight were willing to switch seats. He took it in good jest however as he admitted ‘I wouldn’t either’. When you are in the air, it really is every man for themselves.

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