Author: Paul Beiboer

This is the only place in the world where McDonald’s arches aren’t golden

The bright golden letter M for McDonald’s has to be one of the most recognizable logos in the entire world. It adorns McDonald’s restaurants across the globe, to the point where “The Golden Arches” has become a nickname for the fast-food giant. It’s easy to see just how significant their logo and trademark arches are

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Here’s Gordon Ramsay’s Top Tips For Perfect Fried Chicken

Regular readers will know that we love Gordon Ramsay. His show Kitchen Nightmares is awesome but it’s the man’s cooking that really sets him apart. His restaurants have been awarded 16 Michelin Stars making him one of the most successful chefs of all time. Whether it’s his secret for the perfect steak, two tips for

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Traces Of Human Poop Found On Every McDonald’s Touchscreen Tested

Like a lot of restaurants and groceries stores nowadays McDonald’s has adopted touchscreens to process orders. I personally used one on Monday to try McDonald’s new Christmas menu, but after reading this that may well be my last time. A recent study funded by Metro had some alarming results. Researchers took swabs from touchscreens across

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Arby’s new sandwich is loaded with half a Pound of Beef, Curly Fries & Cheddar Sauce

They really do have the meats… Arby’s has long been known for creating some truly innovative burgers. But even by their standards this latest one is epic. The new Arbynator, available for a limited time until December 23, is piled high with roast beef on top a layer of Arby’s “horsey” sauce and finished off with crispy

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First Look Inside The World’s Largest Underwater Restaurant

Innovation in the restaurant industry has been remarkable over the last decade. There’s restaurants where you dine in complete darkness; the world’s most expensive restaurant that comes complete with a crazy music & projection system, and of course Salt Bae’s steakhouse. All of those restaurants just got overtaken by an incredible spot in Finland: the

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Man drops a $42,510 bottle of Champagne at a club, and you’ll die inside watching his reaction

If you’ve been to a fancy club, expensive ski resort or own an Instagram account than chances are you’ve seen folks tucking into pricey champagne. A good bottle of bubbly has long been the drink of choice for those wanting to flash the cash. Enter this guy. The Drinks Business broke the news of an

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