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Jennifer Aniston’s Daily Diet Will Probably Make You A Little Bit Sad

Whenever talk of age-defying celebrities emerges three names regular get brought up: Pharrell, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston. The 50-year old actress has long been the admiration of many of us. She’s well known for having enjoyed the same salad for lunch 10-years in a row while shooting Friends, and now her day-to-day eating habits

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Margot Robbie Reveals Her Daily Diet & We Love Her Even More

Ever since her breakout role in Wolf Of Wall Street, Margot Robbie’s Hollywood star has been rising at an unbelievable speed. Everyone can agree she looked incredible in her first feature film but with a body that jaw dropping, she could have easily alienated some women. But instead, she has charmed every audience with women

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Dwayne Johnson Just Moved To The UK And Brought An Insanely Big Gym With Him

No one likes to work out more than The Rock (OK, maybe Mark Wahlberg…), so it’s no surprise that Dwayne Johnson would want a place to work out wherever he ends up around the world. But unlike us mere mortals who would have to find a local Planet Fitness, The Rock brings the gym to

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