Salt Bae Reveals ‘Spartan’ Diet & Workout Routine For Ultimate Abs

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Turkish butcher turned entrepreneur Salt Bae is known for his seductive salting technique but that’s not the only thing the steak guru has going for him.

Ever since Bae won Instagram with his tomahawk cutting antics the world has been his oyster.

Opening up restaurants across the globe, appearing in hip-hop videos, sharing a cappuccino with Mark Wahlberg and building a huge 36 million followers on Instagram, Bae would be forgiven for letting himself go physically.

In reality the dude is shredded and for the first time he’s shared the diet and lifestyle secrets that allow him to remain in such good shape.

On Instagram, Bae announced that “exercise and nutrition are like fingerprints — personalized,” highlighting that everyone’s fitness journey will take a slightly different direction. But what works for him is:

“My daily program starts with two room temperature glasses of water and four apricots. After half-an-hour I drink one cappuccino and then I begin my first workout.”

Bae continues, “After my workout I eat a 250 gram steak for breakfast with chickpeas, lentils, beans and black rice.”

“For lunch it’s often steamed vegetables and a 250 gram steak. Later in the afternoon I have a yogurt with grapes, molasses, single espresso. After I do a quick run or other movement based workout with whatever is around me.”

“A lot of jumping ropes, anything to not only stimulate muscles but also keep me quick. I have to be fast in the kitchen.”

“At 9pm for dinner I have beetroot salad and steak. After dinner I drink only water and no more food.”

Bae went on to say that no matter where he is in the world or how many hours he’s working, he never lets life get in the way of a workout.

Sometimes he’s runs around his restaurant, other times he climbs rocks, occasionally he just drops at does press-ups. It’s that kind of steel commitment that gets you killer abs!

Bae says it best: “Wherever you are and whatever you do you can always train. No excuses. Use stone, ropes, the floor – any equipment will do. The power is within you 💪💥.”

Well said, Bae.

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