Man Who Didn’t Eat And Only Drunk Beer For Lent Loses Over 30 Pounds

Del Hall, from Ohio, embarked on a 100% beer diet for the duration of Lent. That meant no food and only beer and water for 40 days. Surprisingly, he has actually lost a staggering 30lbs, along with a few side effects.

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If you are looking for a diet, there is bound to be one that fits your preferences with wild and wacky choices existing like ‘The Vinegar Diet’, ‘The Cabbage Soup Diet’ and ‘The Baby Food Diet’. For Ohio resident Del Hall however, the ideal diet was ‘The Beer Diet’.

Hall made the commitment this year to only drink beer during the 40 day Lent period and eat no solid food. Instant reaction was of course shock, with many claiming this choice could be detrimental to his health with beer being commonly associated with liver issues and mega calories.

However surprisingly, since taking up his 100% beer diet (with water included, thankfully), Hall has actually lost weight – over 30lbs! His starting weight was 292.5lbs and it has already dropped to 259lbs in just 30 days. Tracking his progress via his YouTube channel, followers have been blown away by the transformation.

Obviously with a diet so extreme, there have been some side effects. Hall said:

Weirdest thing is my dreams, I have been dreaming about food every night.

Del Hall

Alongside the weird dreams there has been a reduction in sweating after exercise and slightly unhealthy bowel movements…

Justifying his decision, Hall explained the diet was based on Bavarian monks who also endured a beer only diet with specially made extra hearty beer to replace food. Convinced by the powerful effects of the beer, Hall intends to continue until the end of lent. Thankfully we can keep tabs on Hall via his channel in case anything goes wrong, and although we wouldn’t recommend this diet, it certainly has proved to be beneficial so far.

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