A Brewery Is Making Beer That Tastes of Lucky Charms Cereal

A Virginia based brewing company has released a limited edition beer that tastes like Lucky Charms cereal. They don’t deliver though, so best get yourself to Virginia!

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Standing out in the food and drinks market can be tricky which can explain why we have unusual combinations like chilli chocolate, pizza pringles and seaweed gin. But the latest offering from Virginia based brewing company Smartmouth Brewing really does take the biscuit.

Introducing the Saturday Morning Marshmallow IPA.

Entering the drinks market is the beer that tastes like marshmallows, and not just any marshmallows – Lucky Charm marshmallows! Some may be rejoicing that the ultimate cereal can now get you intoxicated, whilst others are likely weirded out.

According to Elite Daily, the beer is made with the above marshmallows plus a combination of galaxy hops (providing a tropical fruit characteristic) and calypso hops (more earthy and tea-like).

Say what you like about it but this is certainly going to create a buzz! Plus, you shouldn’t really knock anything until you’ve tried it. Unfortunately they don’t deliver though, so best get booking your travel to VA now.

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