Jason Momoa responds to the Girl Scout who sold cookies with using shirtless image

A savvy Girl Scout used Jason Momoa’s image to help sell her cookies, forgetting the legal implications. Momoa responded on the Oscars red carpet in the best way.

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Many businesses have come under fire for using someone’s image without permission whether it be by law or direct from the subject. On this occasion, Colorado-based Girl Scout Charlotte Holmberg decided to use the image of Jason Momoa – a world famous superhero weighing a mere 240lbs. Brave girl.

The whole venture was super simple; rename her cookies ‘Momoas’ and have a shirtless Momoa on the packaging. As expected, they sold out pretty quickly.

Trouble is, such a genius business strategy garnered a lot of attention and started circulated the internet. Several then began to point out the legal issues with Holmberg using his image without consent explaining how she could be prosecuted! The only real response the world wanted however was from Momoa himself.

Momoa was quickly targeted by interviewers on the Oscars red carpet to give his opinion on the situation and as expected, he responded in the best way. Firstly, he explained how unbothered he was by the use of his image and secondly, he just wanted a ‘cut of the cookies’.

“I love Girl Scout cookies. I was waiting to get some free ones. I’d love some.”

Momoa’s gorgeous wife, actress Lisa Bonet, confirmed that he does indeed have a soft spot for cookies despite what people may assume from his ripped physique.

However due to the increased media scrutiny, the Girl Scouts Association of Colorado announced that they would no longer sell, nor produce any more of the Momoa cookies to be on the safe side of the law.

It seems crazy that a Girl Scout could have landed in such legal ambiguity for selling cookies but she was very lucky (or smart) on this occasion to pick someone who is probably one of the nicest guys in Hollywood and who has a taste for cookies. Let that be a business masterclass for the rest of you.

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