The Pioneer Woman Has A Revolutionary Egg Hack

The Pioneer Woman has posted a video of how she quickly dices her hard boiled eggs and its genius.

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Ree Drummond — aka The Pioneer Woman, recently posted a step by step guide for easily dicing hard boiled eggs in seconds on her Facebook page. The post generated lots of interest, particularly as it came from such a trusted source known for her cookbooks, TV shows and food advice.

All one needs is a wire rack – something often found in ovens or used for baking. Placing the rack over a bowl, the egg needs only to be pushed downwards for the rack to chop the egg into small chunks without the use of knife or chopping board. Less washing up is always a bonus!

Source: The Pioneer Woman
Source: The Pioneer Woman
Source: The Pioneer Woman

A warning to make sure only hard boiled eggs are used as you can imagine from seeing the pictures what a mess a soft boiled egg would make!

This hack will save you lots of time and creates the perfect sized chunks for an egg mayo sandwich. Delicious!

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