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Salt Bae Met His Hero Al Pacino And Made Him An Offer He Couldn’t Refuse

Anyone who knows Salt Bae knows that his all-time favorite hero is Scarface star Tony Montana who is of course played by legendary American actor, Al Pacino. Bae has referenced the 1983 gangster classic many times to his 37 million Instagram followers including this epic tribute filmed in the Dubai branch of Nusr-Et steakhouses: Despite

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Epic Philly Cheesesteak Pizza Star Is The Crowd-Pleasing Recipe You Didn’t Know You Needed

Few foods occupy the same delicious and debated status as a classic Philly Cheesesteak. Legend has it that the dish dates back to 1930 when a hot dog vendor named Pat Olivieri threw shredded beef and a mix of onions & peppers on the grill and made himself a sandwich. A passing cab driver asked

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Salt Bae’s Latest Steak Price Has The Internet Talking

When Salt Bae announced he would be opening the latest branch of his lavish Nusr-Et steakhouses in West London’s swanky Knightsbridge neighborhood, it’s fair to say a lot of people were very excited. This latest branch will be the chef’s first in the UK following successful launches in New York, Dallas, Boston, Mykonos, Dubai, Istanbul

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This Is What KFC Restaurants Of The Future Will Look Like

KFC has been serving up finger lickin’ chicken since way back in 1952 when they opened their very first restaurant in North Corbin, Kentucky. Like all restaurants, KFC has been attempting to ride the dual waves of a consumer base switching to delivery and a global pandemic that’s forced locations around the world to close

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Salt Bae Announces Where His Latest Restaurant Will Open

Ever since Nusr-Et first seductively salted his way into social media folklore just over 3-years ago the world has quite literally been his oyster. Riding high on his social clout, the Turkish butcher has taken his chain of fancy steakhouses global with openings in glitzy hotspots like Mykonos, Dubai and Abu Dhabi to add to

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Gordon Ramsay Fires Back As his New Asian Restaurant Is Accused of Cultural Appropriation

Gordon Ramsay looks to be involved in his own “kitchen nightmare”, as his new “authentic Asian” restaurant has become embroiled in a row over cultural appropriation. The notoriously brazen chef is preparing to launch Lucky Cat in Mayfair, London, with a website that describes it as “an authentic Asian eating house and vibrant late-night lounge,

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