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Gordon Ramsay Fires Back As his New Asian Restaurant Is Accused of Cultural Appropriation

Gordon Ramsay looks to be involved in his own “kitchen nightmare”, as his new “authentic Asian” restaurant has become embroiled in a row over cultural appropriation. The notoriously brazen chef is preparing to launch Lucky Cat in Mayfair, London, with a website that describes it as “an authentic Asian eating house and vibrant late-night lounge,

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Restaurant In Hot Water For Selling Pablo Escobar Burger With Line of Cocaine on Top

Burger lovers are getting a taste of a legendary Colombian drug kingpin at a restaurant named Pablo’s Escoburgers in Melbourne, Australia — but not everyone thinks it’s funny. At the peak of his powers, it’s thought that Escobar’s cartel was responsible for an insane 80% of all the blow smuggled into the United States. It’s

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There’s only one place in the world where McDonald’s arches aren’t golden. Here’s why

The bright golden letter M for McDonald’s has to be one of the most recognizable logos in the entire world. It adorns McDonald’s restaurants across the globe, to the point where “The Golden Arches” has become a nickname for the fast-food giant. It’s easy to see just how significant their logo and trademark arches are

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World’s largest underwater restaurant is open for business

Innovation in the restaurant industry has been remarkable over the last decade. There’s restaurants where you dine in complete darkness; the world’s most expensive restaurant that comes complete with a crazy music & projection system, and of course Salt Bae’s steakhouse. All of those restaurants just got overtaken by an incredible spot in Finland: the

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Here’s Why We All Need To Eat Venomous Lionfish

Lionfish once called the South Pacific and Indian Oceans their home, however for an unknown reason they washed up on Caribbean and Florida coasts roughly 30 years ago. Since then, they have taken over the shores, being described as ‘a plague of locusts’ on their environment. Why is this the case? Well, Lionfish are prolific

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