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How To Cook Jamie Oliver’s ‘Insanity Burger’ At Home

Jamie Oliver is the chef that keeps on giving. First, there was his delicious recipe for the best ever Grilled Cheese and now he’s turned his attention to the humble burger. The British chef and restauranteur is well known for his passionate push to provide healthier food choices for school children. He’s campaigned robustly both

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Gordon Ramsay’s Cajun Breakfast Sandwich Recipe Is Out Of This World

Gordon Ramsay is arguably the most famous chef in the world. Hit TV show after hit TV show and his no holds barred mentality has won the Scottish chef fans the world over — and he shows no sings of slowing down. It’s worth remembering that although Ramsay is the epitome of ‘Celebrity Chef’, he’s

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Healthier Homemade Turkey Quesadillas, How To

If you’re anything like me then you’re often on the look out for how to make your favorite go-to dishes slightly more healthy. On this journey I’ve experimented with substituting refined sugars with natural sweeteners, baked fried-chicken in the oven as opposed to the deep-fat frier, and then there’s this latest attempt, which utilizes the

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