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Man Shot Dead At Paris Airport After Stealing Soldier’s Weapon

Shooting at Paris Orly Airport after man steals a soldier's gun

A man has been shot and killed after attempting to seize a weapon from a solider at Paris Orly Airport. The airport was immediately evacuated as bomb units searched the south terminal, swat teams have also been called. French authorities have warned people to stay away from the airport while they conduct a search to ensure the

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Facebook Says Police Can’t Use The Social Network’s Data For Surveillance

Facebook will no longer allow third party sites to use their date for surveillance

The breakneck-speed at which Facebook has expanded inevitably means they have to take on roles they may not have anticipated. The proliferation of fake news, biased timelines (that only show you what you want to see) and moderating hateful language or graphic imagery are some of the well documented struggles all social networks have faced

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McDonald’s Employee Leaps Through Drive-Thru Window To Save Policewoman’s Life

McDonald's employee saves a police officers life

A McDonald’s employee saved the life of an off-duty policewoman after jumping through a drive-thru window when she suddenly fell unconscious. The officer pulled up to a McDonald’s branch in Doral, Florida with her two young children in the back seat. Pedro Viloria was preparing her breakfast order when he noticed something wasn’t right, and heard the

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