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Is Kanye West A Musical Genius Or A Ranting Narcissist?

Is Kanye West a genius?

Kanye West. Arguably the most divisive person in the entertainment industry. To some he’s a musical genius who’s insistence on transcending genre has paved the way for a generation of new artists. To others, he’s a cock. A ranting, stage-invading, Kardashian-loving narcissist with a messiah complex. Yeezy himself is well aware of his ability to divide

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President Donald Trump Is Now Feuding With Snoop Dogg On Twitter

President Trump Tweeted his dislike of "failing rapper" Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg’s beefin’ days are largely behind him. A combination of frequent-marijuana use and his reincarnation into Snoop Lion, of Rastafarian- beliefs, has meant his last few projects were about peace and love, man. Having said that, he was one of several celebrities who claimed he would migrate to Canada should a certain Mr. Trump win

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