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Vegan Man Finds Out A Restaurant Accidentally Served Him Cheese. Totally Loses It.

Keyboard-warriors love to give vegans a hard time. Often this ‘banter’ falls within the grounds of good-taste, but occasionally it boils over into some fairly rough treatment. A fine example of the latter is when this meat-loving YouTuber chowed down on a bloody hunk of meat at a vegan festival. Ouch. The easiest targets amongst

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Have You Noticed Facebook’s Mysterious New Icon? Here’s What It Means

Facebook's new feature is similar to Snapchat

You might have noticed a new mysterious icon floating around your Facebook feeds. The rocket shape logo, which sits between the news feed and friend request logos on the Facebook mobile app, has recently cropped up on most people’s Facebook. If you click on the rocket, it takes you to a whole new news feed that

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Trump Will Sign A Bill Allowing Internet Providers To Sell Our Sensitive Information To Advertisers

How safe is our internet browsing history? Not at all now Trump has signed a bill allowing ISPs to sell sensitive information

Internet Search Providers (ISPs) such as Verizon, Google and Comcast will be allowed to sell their customers’ sensitive information – including browsing history – under a new bill passed on Tuesday. The bill was passed with by a margin of 10 votes, with 215 in favour, and 205 against, and reverses several Obama-era bills that

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