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Brixton’s Gentrification: From Riots to Riches

Brixton Village and abundance of cafes

It’s somewhat ironic that Brixton is now feted as a cultural hub. Contemporary Brixton has come a long way from a history of cultural-clashes, violence and riots, to one of the most sought after postcodes in London. The catalyst for much of this change has been food, in particular Brixton Market. In 2009, the market

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What On Earth Actually Goes On At Area 51?

Road that leads to secret U.S. base, Area 51. What happens inside?

Few places occupy the same mysterious status as Area 51. The remote Nevada base, about 150 miles from Las Vegas, is rumoured to be housing everything from aliens to soviet spy planes; with real tin-hat connoisseurs even claiming famous deceased folks, I’m looking at you 2pac, are chillin’ inside. The dusty-road that leads up towards America’s much mythicised

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Climate Change Shrank Animals In The Past, And Scientists Say It Could Happen Again

A new study reveals that climate change is likely to shrink animals in the future

A new discovery has found that animals were ‘dwarfed’ by global warming 50 million years ago, and scientists are concerned that it could happen again. The study shows that warm-blooded animals got significantly smaller at least twice in Earth’s history when temperatures increased, and carbon dioxide levels soared. Palaeontologists (aka Ross from Friends) discovered fossil teeth

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Bam Margera Opens Up About The Most Bizarre Thing He Ever Saw A Jackass Fan Do

Former Jackass Star Bam Margera Discusses Crazy Fan Encounters

Disclaimer: this is (obviously) going to be a bit gross. Whether you’re a fan or not, hit shows like Jackass and Viva La Bam had a real impact on young people across the globe. Suddenly, the coolest kid in school was the one who could land skateboard tricks. Those less gifted on a board could also

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