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Chicken McNuggets Led Police To Steve Stephens Who Killed A 74-Year Old Stranger In Ohio

The Facebook Killer uploaded a video of himself shooting 74-year old Robert Godwin on Easter Sunday

It was a $5.35 order of McNuggets and fries that ultimately led to the death of Steve Stephens in Pennsylvania on Tuesday. Stephens was on the run since Easter Sunday when he shot and killed 74-year old Robert Godwin Snr, before uploading the horrific video to his Facebook profile. Stephens didn’t know Godwin, nor had

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Kalief Browder’s Story Proves It’s Better To Be Rich And Guilty, Than Poor And Innocent In America

Kalief Browder was just a 16-year old walking home from a party when his life changed forever. Accused of stealing a backpack, the Bronx teen was imprisoned without conviction in one of America’s most notorious detention facilities, Rikers Island, for over 1000 days – most of them in solitary confinement. Two years after his release, Kalief

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