Would You Try The Impossible Burger?

As the meat debate rumbles on, scientists at Impossible Foods have been experimenting to create a meat food product that could eventually change the world and one day be less expensive than the real thing. Of course a meaty, juicy, dirty burger is delicious. It’s undeniable. However so is the effect increased meat production is

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Is Gordon Ramsay Turning Vegan?!

Gordon Ramsay shocked fans by posting on his Instagram that he was going to ‘give this vegan thing a try’. As a lover of all things carnivorous, with a history of being vocal towards plant based eaters, it seems unlikely Gordon has made this drastic dietary and lifestyle change. The food in question is a

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This is the world’s most expensive taco

In 2018 it’s easier than ever not to cook. The proliferation of restaurants and food delivery services has contributed to the average American household spending over $3,000 per year on dining out. However, that $3000 isn’t even enough to buy the world’s most expensive steak, the priciest burger, or this gold-infused corn tortilla that’s layered

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This Rare All Black Chicken Is The Most Expensive Poultry On The Planet

Nature is full of beautiful and unusual creatures with further species being discovered all the time. Did you know, for example, that we’ve only explored approximately 10% of the oceans? Which means there’s sure to be some bizarre things kicking around in the deep. However, this article is about an animal far closer to home

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