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Mexican Bartender Receives Racist Note Instead Of Tip

Anyone who’s been to the U.S. before will know that tipping is a large part of the culture. Whereas in counties like Japan it’s seen as offensive as they believe everyone should provide perfect service unconditionally, in America waiters and bartenders livelihoods are almost wholly reliant on tipping. That background makes it all the harsher

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Here’s Why We All Need To Eat Venomous Lionfish

Lionfish once called the South Pacific and Indian Oceans their home, however for an unknown reason they washed up on Caribbean and Florida coasts roughly 30 years ago. Since then, they have taken over the shores, being described as ‘a plague of locusts’ on their environment. Why is this the case? Well, Lionfish are prolific

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Would You Eat A Meal In Total Darkness?

Providing diners a unique experience often revolves around new ingredients, unusual food combinations or wacky presentations, however restaurant Dans Le Noir? in London goes beyond. Not only is the food delicious with fish, meat, vegetarian and surprise menus available but restaurant goers must eat in total darkness. Eating at Dans Le Noir? is more than

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Would You Try The Impossible Burger?

As the meat debate rumbles on, scientists at Impossible Foods have been experimenting to create a meat food product that could eventually change the world and one day be less expensive than the real thing. Of course a meaty, juicy, dirty burger is delicious. It’s undeniable. However so is the effect increased meat production is

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