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Throwback To When Anthony Bourdain Revealed The Worst Mistake When Cooking Steak

This is how you cook the perfect steak

Few chefs have a more illustrious reputation than Anthony Bourdain. He’s helmed numerous mouth-watering restaurants in America, written several well-received cookbooks and has become something of a TV personality – even appearing in the fantastic 2016 movie The Big Short. He’s well known for being one of the greatest on the planet when it comes

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Gordon Ramsay Reveals His Ultimate Steak Recipe In Mouth-Watering Video

A good steak is surely one of the purest carnivorous pleasures on offer. It’s for that very reason it’s seen as a special occasion meal, the ultimate date-night food and even has its very own day! Despite all the steak love in the world, there seems to be widespread misunderstanding of how to cook the

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