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How To Cook Indulgent Chocolate Fondants

Chocolate. If there’s anything more delicious on planet Earth I haven’t found it yet. In addition to it’s deliciousness, it’s also super versatile and can be utilized in numerous mouth-watering recipes. Right up there with the best of them is this decadent melt-in-the-middle Molten Chocolate cake recipe that you guys have to try. Here’s how

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German baker Karin Pfeiff-Boschek transforms sweet pies into artwork

Studies have shown our choice and enjoyment of food is based on more than just being hungry. It involves our whole network of senses including what we see, smell or even hear (think about that Snap, Crackle and Pop of Rice Krispies, mmm). However, German baker Karin Pfeiff-Boschek really has taken this to a whole

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