Genius Tik Tok Wrap Hack Turns Any Dish Into A Bitesize Mess-Free Snack

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Back in the day (you know, circa 2014), if you wanted to find a decent food hack you had to sieve through “These 20 Hacks” articles or sit impatiently as a 7-minute tutorial video plays out on YouTube.

Thankfully now Tik Tok is the en vogue social media platform, useable and achievable hacks are more rapidly accessible than ever before and we’re all for it.

This latest one involves a classic food staple: the humble tortilla wrap. They are, of course, synonymous with Mexican cuisine but their utility in the kitchen doesn’t stop there.

Wraps are equally delicious utilizing Asian flavors, bold Eastern European flavors, and classic flavor combinations like Chicken Caesar, Parmigiana, or Meatball Marinara — they’re even killer as desserts!

The mouthwatering video below breaks out 4 different takes on the Tik Tok hack: The Nutella & Marshmallow, The Big Breakfast, The Mexican, and – last but not least, The Italian Deli. Check it out below:

It’s worth noting that you don’t need a traditional tortilla of flour-based wrap to pull off the hack. If you were looking for a lower-calorie option then it works perfectly well with rice paper to create a delicious Bahn-Mi flavor wrap.

Similarly, you could utilize nori sheets as the base and top with avocado, sushi rice, cucumber, and tofu with a good amount of sriracha drizzled over.

The possibilities are endless!

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