How To Cook Jamie Oliver’s ‘Insanity Burger’ At Home

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Jamie Oliver is the chef that keeps on giving. First, there was his delicious recipe for the best ever Grilled Cheese and now he’s turned his attention to the humble burger.

The British chef and restauranteur is well known for his passionate push to provide healthier food choices for school children.

He’s campaigned robustly both in the US and UK to limit the amount of high-sugar and high-fat options available to kids at mealtimes, and his work paid off as Oliver effectively got junk food banned across all schools in the UK.

But like all things in life, moderation is key and it’s totally fine to go a little naughty with your food choices now and then. Enter The Insanity Burger…

The origin story of burgers is a contested one with compelling evidence suggesting they could have been invented in either the USA or Germany.

The name ‘Hamburger’ suggests the German city of ‘Hamburg’, but a plethora of history books trace the origins to the US as the country industrialized and needed a handy snack that could be eaten outside the house.

Either way, the burger above is a super modern and delicious take on the classic. Utilizing good-quality steak mince, pickled red onions, punchy burger sauce, crispy bacon, melted cheese and strong mustard, it really does have a bit of everything.

The real question is, however, how does it stand up against Gordon Ramsay’s perfect burger recipe? I guess you’ll just have to try both and let us know your winner!

Just remember to have a good stack of kitchen towels or a bib on hand because it’s going to get a bit messy.

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