This Is What KFC Restaurants Of The Future Will Look Like

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KFC has been serving up finger lickin’ chicken since way back in 1952 when they opened their very first restaurant in North Corbin, Kentucky.

Like all restaurants, KFC has been attempting to ride the dual waves of a consumer base switching to delivery and a global pandemic that’s forced locations around the world to close for prolonged periods.

And now the fast-food giant is betting big that these changes are here to stay by totally redesigning the in-store experience.

They’ve released two images of how they envisage your local KFC looking moving forward.

The image above shows a refocus on Drive-Thru with two dedicated drive-in lanes and a totally new contactless paying system that limits human contact. One of the lanes will be dedicated to mobile order pickup only.

The second design sees the introduction of ‘Colonel’s Porch’, a new outdoor eating area. KFC believe that consumers may feel less comfortable dining inside giving the current climate and so they’re banking on reduced interior space and a large exterior.

Both concepts feature brighter branding that features KFC’s iconic red and white stripes and a brightly lit red bucket that directs consumers to the newly installed ‘Cubby System’.

KFC have confirmed they’ll be trialing the new layouts at three U.S. locations in 2021. So if you happen to be a resident of central Kentucky, Indianapolis or West Palm Beach, keep an eye out for the (new and improved) colonel.

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