Dwayne Johnson Releases New Headphones That Will Rock The Audio Market

The Rock is a man of many talents and now he has ventured into the audio market to release new wireless in ear headphones. Aimed at gym goers, they are promised to provide pure focus and exceptional sound quality.

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Is there anything Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson can’t do? He is a Hollywood film star, an ex-wrestler, a film producer, a tequila manufacturer plus all round nice guy. For some reason, he didn’t feel he had enough on his plate and so decided to launch new headphones with Under Armour.

Staying true to his nature, the wireless earbuds are made specifically for gym bunnies who are sick of headphones getting broken from sweat and falling out of ear during a run. The neat earbuds are water and sweat resistant, hold 5 hours of charge and are shaped to fit snugly in the ears, all for the price of $199. At this price they must be good…

Under Armour know exactly who their market is and are clearly trying to take on the key audio players in the market with the specifications and price point. With Johnson advertising, they are sure to be a success and the power of The Rock is undeniable – the headphones are already out of stock on the website! Where he goes, people will follow. Will you be trying them?

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