Waiter Serves Guests A $5,700 Bottle Of Wine By Mistake And The Restaurant’s Response Is Amazing

A waiter at a UK restaurant made a very expensive mistake by serving guests a vintage bottle of wine by mistake that was 17 times the price of what they should have had!

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When you are a waiter at an upmarket restaurant, the pressure is on to ensure an error free service with immaculate precision but we all know the sometimes the pressure can get too much. Hawksmoor restaurant, a posh steakhouse in the UK, found out first hand what can happen when someone cracks after their waiter incorrectly served a table a bottle of wine valued at over $5,700!

When the table requested a bottle of ‘the same vintage’ as the expensive le Pin wine, the waiter got confused and as you can expect the guests enjoyed the wine very much! So delicious was it that they ordered another which was when the restaurant discovered the error.

Despite the expensive mistake, the restaurant actually took it in very good spirits according to the tweet they made shortly after:

Of course the Twitter-verse were quick to hilariously respond, with many requesting the waiters name in the hope they could also be served by them when they dined! Even the restaurant got in on the action by posting a photo to show how ‘similar’ the bottles of wine were.

In fact, so good humoured was the restaurant based in Manchester that they have been heavily praised, doing wonders for their PR. Another upmarket establishment may have been furious and potentially fired the employee, but Hawksmoor understood it was an honest mistake or at least harnessed the situation to their advantage. Much like the lucky diners how enjoyed one of the most sought after vintages in the world!

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