Gordon Ramsay Gets His Pad Thai Ruined By A Thai Chef And Its Hilarious

Gordon Ramsey is always the one to dish out criticism and slam other people’s food but in this unearthed clip, Ramsey is the one on the receiving end and his reaction is priceless.

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Gordon Ramsay is one the most critically acclaimed chefs in the world thanks to his cooking know how. He also the chef we love to watch shouting at people and criticising their food – someone you can always count on if you want to watch an expletive filled rant. So how refreshing to see the tables turned as Ramsay gets his pad Thai attempt ruined!

The clip that seems to keep doing the rounds on social media is from Ramsay’s show The F Word around nine years ago and it’s clear to see why it keeps going viral. In the video, Ramsay cooks his version of what he calls a pad Thai and lets head chef Chang of the Blue Elephant taste it. Waiting for his verdict, Change asks ‘What do you want to know from me?’ After Ramsay asks him how it is, the response is definitely not what he was hoping for:

This is not pad Thai at all. Pad Thai has to be sweet, sour, and salty.


Clearly taken aback from the comment, Ramsay attempts to defend his attempt to no avail. Considering this is the man that happily scolds young chefs to be, it is strangely satisfying to watch but we hope he takes the resurgence of this clip in good spirits!

Watch the clip here:

Youtube/The F Word
Gordon Ramsay attempts to make pad Thai with head chef at The Blue Elephant tasting it.

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