10 Celebrities Who Are Surprisingly Secretly Ripped

Some celebrities are ripped but seem not to shout it from the rooftop. Whereas others flaunt their bodies, these guys keep it on the down yet they are still unbelievable and may actually surprise you.

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When you think of ripped celebrities, a handful come to mind, mainly because they aren’t afraid to flaunt their bodies or due to their physiques being for certain film or TV roles. However there are a few celebrities who are far more sly about their shape, keeping their buff bods under wrap. The follow 10 celebs are surprisingly ripped whilst being oh so subtle about it. Which celeb surprises you most?

Source: Go Social

1. Drake

Even though he has a jam packed schedule involving flying around the world, Drake always makes time for fitness. His trainer has previously said that he enjoys circuit training which includes lots of push ups and pull ups.

Source: Healthy Celeb

2. Calvin Harris

Once upon a time, Harris looked like a very regular bloke who you maybe wouldn’t look twice at. However once he signed on to be a model with Armani in 2015, Harris went full buff mode with an intense exercise regime he still continues with today.

Source: Men’s Journal

3. Nick Jonas

It’s hard to think of the Jonas Brothers as adults when we have seen them grow up but believe me, they are fully fledged men now. Just check out Nick Jonas who has been hitting the gym hard of late.

Source: Heightline

4. Chris Pratt

Pratt underwent the mother of all transformations going from Parks and Rec, to Guardians of the Galaxy. It really is incredible the effect getting fit can have on someones life, and indeed job when it comes to Hollywood.

Source: Highsnobiety

5. Jake Gyllenhaal

Notoriously private Hollywood nice guy Gyllenhaal had to get super ripped for his role in Southpaw. To play a boxer, he gained 30lbs and 15lbs of muscle! Once then, he has kept up the training to ensure he is in peak physical condition.

Source: James Trueblood/Sony Pictures

6. Andrew Garfield

When you think of Garfield, you think tall and lanky but in actual fact he is very lean thanks for his role in The Amazing Spider-Man. To prepare, he worked out 7 hours a day!

Source: Gordon Ramsay/Instagram

7. Gordon Ramsay

Ramsay wasn’t always someone to aspire to physically but that was before he had a lifestyle overhaul. Despite working with food, he keeps his lean muscle by taking part in marathons, triathlons and multiple Ironmans.

Source: Alex Bailey/Warner Brothers Pictures

8. Robert Downey Jr.

Despite being in his fifties, Downey is super fit thanks to his healthy lifestyle and film roles like Iron Man which encourage him to up the fitness stakes.

Source: Flaunt

9. Shawn Mendes

Not too long ago, Mendes was scrawny teenager starting out in the music business but not anymore. Thanks to his mega star status, he has upped his game through intense training and now looks super buffed.

Source: Reuters/DailyMail

10. Adam Levine

Being covered in tattoos can often hide the muscles on this talent judge. Due to having a trainer and a strong love of the gym, Levine is surprisingly lean and toned.

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