Vlogger Tried To Eat A Live Octopus But It Sucked Onto Her Face And Cut Her Cheek

A young vlogger has seen what happens when you play with your food after an octopus latched onto her face and cut her cheek after it was removed. She was attempting to eat the animal whilst it was alive but it didn’t turn out so successful.

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The practice of eating live seafood is actually more widespread that one might think. Of late, many videos have been posted showing people enjoying (or attempting to enjoy) this delicacy despite criticism and protests from animal activists. Unfortunately for one young vlogger, the seafood had the last laugh when after attempting to eat a live octopus, it sucked onto her face so strongly that it ripped some of her cheek.

The vlogger is known as ‘Seaside Girl Little Seven’ and regularly shares her videos on Chinese platform Kuaishou but this particular video didn’t exactly go to plan. The eating attempt was being live-streamed when the octopus latched onto her face, leaving the girl in a lot of pain. The tentacles of the octopus were sucked on with a mighty force meaning she couldn’t pry them off her without immense pulling. She screamed to the camera that it was ‘painful’ and that she ‘couldn’t remove it’.

The girl reveals the cut left on her cheek after the octopus was forcefully removed.
Credit: Seaside Girl Little Seven / Kuaishou

So strong were the suction pads of the octopus that when she eventually removed the creature, it also took some of cheek skin with her! In shock, she said:

My face is disfigured…I’ll eat it in the next video.

Seaside Girl Little Seven, Kuaishou

\Since the video went live, it has spread like wildfire on social media platforms and used by many as a reason to stop playing with and eating live animals. Let it be a lesson to all of us!

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