Could You Handle The Largest Fast Food Burrito Ever Made?

Epic Meal Time have done it again by creating the most unbelievable mega portion creations. This time it’s the largest ever fast food burrito filled with 200 McDonald’s burgers among other treats.

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The guys at Epic Meal Time created the 1 million calorie lasagne which was out of this world, but they just keep getting bigger and better. One of their most recent creations is a ginormous burrito which is certainly a feast for the eyes and the belly. The ‘200 McDonald’s Burger Burrito’ is the largest fast food burrito ever made and we dare anyone to give it a go.

Anything can be a burrito if you want it to

Epic Meal Time

The burrito is certainly a fast food lovers dream as it was stuffed with a plethora of McDonalds treats including 200 burgers, pizza, nuggets and fries! In order to hold it all together, multiple burrito wraps were unbelievably buttered and ironed together. Yep, ironed.

Credit: Epic Meal Time

In total the tortilla wrap was 6ft long and a whopping 4, 942 calories alone. Here is a full list of ingredients to blow your mind:

  • Tortilla wrap – 4, 942 calories
  • McDonald’s Bacon – 9, 114 calories
  • Little Caesar’s Pizza – 14, 841 calories
  • 100 McDoubles – 53, 841 calories
  • 100 Jr McChickens – 91, 841 calories
  • 200 Nuggets – 100, 641 calories
  • 11 Large Fries – 106, 251 calories
Credit: Epic Meal Time

The burrito as a whole contains an epic 381, 471 calories so is not suitable for anyone watching their weight! Do you think you could handle this burrito beast?

Credit: Epic Meal Time
Watch the full epic creation here!

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