The Rock’s Mother Wants Him To Resume Legendary WWE Rivalry

Ata Johnson, The Rock’s mother, is keen to see her son back in the ring to resume a WWE legend rivalry. Now a Hollywood star, fans would love to see The Rock return to the sport.

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With Dwayne Johnson’s aka The Rock’s glistening movie career alongside his political goals and new tequila brand launching, it can be easy to forget where he started. Before he broke into Hollywood, The Rock was a WWE champion in the 90s and soon became a legend of the wrestling world. One person not to have forgotten the joys of the ring however is The Rock’s mother – Ata Johnson, who wants to see her son return to the ring against other wrestling legend John Cena.

The epic rivalry between these two superstars began back in 2011 when The Rock returned to the WWE ring and it’s been turbulent ever since. They have been in the ring multiple times together, each with various outcomes but always sparks seem to fly.

The Rock and John Cena fight it out in the ring.
Source: WrestlingNewsSource

Not only does this rivalry please the fans but it seems The Rock’s mother is his biggest fan after speaking with The Hannibal TV. She said:

I miss him in the ring. I’ve been watching him all these years, and I think he’s really great at what he did. I’d love to see him come back one more time and lay the smackdown on John Cena, I totally enjoyed their matches.

Ata Johnson, The Hannibal TV

With his mother’s encouragement, maybe the two superstars could be convinced to have a rematch and finally put the rivalry to rest. With Cena reportedly being signed to the Fast & Furious franchise and The Rock starring in the spin-off Hobbs & Shaw, there could be even more reason for this fight to take place.

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