Man Shocks Customers As He Takes A Whole Dead Deer To A McDonald’s Drive-Thru

A man from New Zealand took a surprise decision to bring along his hunting kill when ordering his food at the McDonald’s drive-thru. The large dead deer over of his shoulders was a shock for staff and customers.

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Drive-thru’s are simple and the whole process tends to be pretty seamless, but there is always one that wants to test the system. No case supports this better than the bizarre story of a man who took a whole dead deer to his local drive-thru.

In a video posted to Facebook by Blake Horton, a man from New Zealand can be seen standing at the menu screen ready to order whilst balancing a large dead deer over his shoulder. Almost as if the carrying a dead deer is a totally normal thing to do, he proceeds to order his McChicken sandwich.

Facebook/Blake Horton

What is even more interesting is that New Zealand based news site Stuff didn’t quite seem to understand what all the fuss was about. In the article they said:

Wearing gumboots, stubbies, and with a dead deer slung over his back, a hunter ordering McDonald’s couldn’t have looked more Kiwi.


Turns out the deer holder, Tehanairo Tetawhero, is actually a friend of Horton, who captured the footage and they decided to hit up the McDonald’s after their hunting trip. Tetawhero said:

It was heavy, big deer. I was trying not to look back at the truck or I would have just lost it laughing.

Tehanairo Tetawhero

Despite animals (dead or alive) not being allowed to be near food establishments, they managed to pick up their food no problem so perhaps in New Zealand the rules are a little more relaxed. Despite this, we really wouldn’t recommend making a repeat of it!

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