Woman Who Fraudulently Secured $4,000 In Tips Is Arrested

A waitress in Asheville has been arrested after her tip scheme was uncovered. By editing receipts, she was able to secure almost $4,000 in fraudulent tips.

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When you have finished your meal, handing over your credit card seems a fair part of the process but it can be hard to switch off the unsettling feeling of being parted with your card to effectively a stranger. Of course the majority of the time all is well, however in this case from North Carolina people may be rightly worried.

Asheville Citizen Times has reported that a woman working at Juicy Lucy’s Burger Bar and Grill as a waitress fraudulently secured tips involving credit cards. Taking place in Asheville, 25 year-old Leah Marie Wehrmann edited receipts in order to obtain dozens of tips of more than $100. Over the duration of criminal activity, Wehrmann collected almost $4000 in ‘tips’ aided by the fact she used her own prepaid Visa cards to put the tips on. In total, 14 credit cards were used to charge varying values of tips.

The investigation is still ongoing to uncover the timeline and the extent of the fraud, but Wehrmann is already charged with 14 felony counts.

Although this type of fraud is disconcerting, it is also not too common so although we should always be wary of who is around us, fear not the next time you dine at your favorite restaurant.

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