Trump Serves Yet Another Fast Food Feast For Championship Team

President Trump has once again served fast food to the winning championship team making this a new White House tradition.

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The first time President Trump served fast food to the winning college team during their White House visit, there was a valid reason. The second time seemed to be a show of unity against all those that criticised him. However President Trump has gone one step further, serving fast food to his third championship team! Basically, it has now become a White House tradition.

On Monday, it was the turn of the Baylor women’s basketball team to be honored at the White House. This occasion is special not just for their achievement but also because it makes them the first women’s championship team to be honored solo. Even still, it wasn’t enough to prompt the President to put on a fancy spread.

Following the turns of Clemson’s and North Dakota State’s football teams, the Lady Bears basketball team enjoyed a feast of McDonald’s and Wendy’s.

The team posted photos to their Twitter account and seemed to enjoy the meal in the prestigious venue.

There is no doubt President Trump seems to enjoy the attention received by choosing to serve fast food when the White House has the capabilities of creating Michelin star food. Now in its third outing, future winning teams will know exactly what they will get.

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