Canadian Man Is Arrested After Grave Robbing And Boiling The Bones For Broth

As far as crimes go, this is a strange one. Lucas Dawe, a 20 year-old Canadian, has been arrested after allegedly stealing a skeleton and boiling the bones for broth to drink.

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The Chronicle Herald has reported a bizarre story about a 20 year old Canadian man, Lucas Dawe, who is facing two charges of possessing a stolen skeleton and interfering with human remains. Not your typical headline that’s for sure.

Dawe was apparently arrested after a witness gave his details to the police following his alleged boiling of bones for broth and licking bones after being stewed in the pot. Suspicion first arose when human remains were found by the All Saints Parish church cemetery in Conception Bay South and it transpires that Dawe broke into the cemetery and stole the remains.

This type of crime is incredibly rare, particularly in the community of Conception Bay South. Dr. Nash Denic, a local chief medical examiner, said it was the first alleged grave robbery he has seen in Newfoundland.

Dawe’s motivation for the incident is yet unknown but it is certainly an unsettling case which will see a suitable punishment given once the details have been dissected.

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