Florida Man Arrested After Threateningly Eating Pasta With His Hands

A Florida man, Ben Padgett, has been arrested after being intimidating outside an Olive Garden restaurant and violently eating spaghetti with his hands.

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Florida is certainly eclectic, home to many wild animals, wild climates and sometimes wild people. Quite often we see headlines that we have to read twice before believing but for certain, what the Florida man gets up to is never predictable. All those that like to keep in the loop with the latest adventures of Florida man will be thoroughly intrigued by the most recent outing.

The Florida man above had himself arrested at an Olive Garden restaurant in Miami, following his alarming and erratic behaviour. The man, later identified as Ben Padgett, 32-years-old, was apparently being intimidating to restaurant staff – both verbally and physically, particularly by eating pasta with his hands.

Olive Garden employee Ronald Worst explained Padgett had been ‘loitering outside’ before entering the restaurant and ‘causing a scene’, yelling at him and enquiring whether he had male or female genitals. Interesting question…

Things really spiralled in the restaurant when Padgett caught the eye of the food buffet, heading straight for the pasta. Before police finally arrested him, he was seen eating the spaghetti meal with his hands whilst ‘shouting obscenities’. Even in the police car, Padgett was flailing about, consequently hitting his head causing the bloody forehead seen in the mugshot (not pasta sauce).

Padgett was eventually released and his head injury also treated at hospital. Who would have thought something as innocent and delicious as pasta could be at the heart of an arrest. We hope Padgett gets the help that he needs but for now, eyes peeled until Florida man strikes again.

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