Woman Ordered To Pay Fine After Eating Rescue Pig She Promised To Look After

A French woman has been ordered to pay a fine after killing and eating a pig she promised to take care of. After signing the adoption contract, which included a clause about using the pig for food, the temptation clearly got the better of her.

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Don’t you hate it when people don’t keep their promises? For this little piggy however, the consequence of the broken promise was the worst outcome imaginable – death, as The Local reports, with the killer now facing a three month suspended jail term.

The pig in question was a mere two months old, named Babe, when a French animal activist rescued it from a life leading up to a slaughterhouse, caring for it for over two years. Unfortunately when she moved home, she no longer had the space to take care of him and therefore gave it to a neighbour to look after. To ensure the pigs care, she made her neighbour sign an adoption contract promising to care for the pig, keep it healthy and the crucial part – not to kill it and/or eat it.

Despite signing the contract, the neighbour eventually had a butcher kill the pig with a shotgun and then turned Babe into meat products. Unbelievably, when French police visited the property, they found 243lbs of canned meat and paté, plus an empty pig pen. Poor guy!

Credit: Craig Barritt/Getty Images for GQ/AFP

As a result of the breach of contract, and also ‘slaughtering an animal outside of slaughterhouse conditions’, she was fined 500 Euros ($563) in addition to a suspended three month jail sentence.

Although the unnamed woman did not attend the hearing, she did try to excuse her actions to police officers by claiming the pig became too big to feed and had escaped from his pen many a time. Even if this is true, it does seem rather drastic to kill the pig rather than contact the previous owner or build a bigger pen!

The French activist was obviously informed of the situation and is no doubt distraught Babe had his life ended the exact way she fought against. It is also a lesson to all that if you sign a contract, you better read the small print.

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