The Rock’s Tequila Brand Is Almost Ready For Launch And We Can’t Wait

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, will soon be entering the Tequila drinks market. He follows in the footsteps of George Clooney and Justin Timberlake by introducing his own brand which he has been busy taste testing this week.

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In between his punishing workouts, epic cheat meals and filming his blockbuster movies, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock has been very busy indeed, creating his very own brand of tequila. You only have to quickly scan his Instagram page to find out that tequila is up there with his other big passions of food and fitness and he will find any opportunity to crack out a glass. He even admitted to filming some Hobbs & Shaw scenes drunk after sipping on the liquor!

He follows in the footsteps of George Clooney and Justin Timberlake who also produced their own tequila brands to great success – Casamigos and Sauza 901 respectively, with the former selling to Diageo for a whopping $1bn! No doubt The Rock will be hoping for a similar success story, which can explain why he is being such a perfectionist in the production process. His tequila has been in the planning stages for many years already but launch time is now edging ever closer.

Today, The Rock posted to Instagram a picture of himself with all the batches of his tequila stating he had taste tested them ‘fresh out of our barrels in Mexico’. Going by his smile I think he was happy with them (or just tasted a lot…).

With The Rock a life long lover of tequila, there is no doubt the taste is going to be exceptional but he has remained coy over the style and ingredients he has used, only amping up the excitement amongst his fans. What we do know is that after years of teasing the brand, 2019 looks to be the year of the launch now that the tequila has been manufactured.

Although the tequila itself is ready, the brand name still seems to be up in the air. Whilst his company entered a trademark application for the name ‘Mana’ – a word close to The Rock’s heart, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office felt it was too similar to other products in market and that they needed a more specific name use than ‘tequila’. As of yet, The Rock hasn’t re-filed the application so the brand name is still unknown. He better hurry though as his fans are getting thirsty to sample his produce! What do you think he should call it?

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