Scientists Cook The Perfect Steak With Lava In Red-Hot Video

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There are many ways to cook a delicious steak.

Whether you like Gordon Ramsay’s steak recipes, agree with Anthony Bourdain’s three most common steak mistakes, or like going fancy with gold-plated steak — there’s a wealth of options available to all steak lovers.

Well, folks at Syracuse University have taken things up a notch.

Credit: Syracuse University Lava Project

Set-up as part of the Syracuse University Lava Project, this cook-off was a collaboration with experimental UK chef Sam Bompas and the Syracuse University earth sciences team, who have created a car-sized, man-made volcano that melts rock down into lava in around 70 hours.

I hope it goes without saying that you probably shouldn’t try this at home. Leave it to these guys. Oh and if the opening sequences of steak on the grill aren’t extreme enough for you then make sure you stick around towards the end of the video, when they cook the steak right ON the lava.

Credit: Syracuse University Lava Project

“It was the best steak I’ve ever had in my life,” Bompas told the Daily Mail.

“Cooking with lava is simply the most spectacular way to grill a 10-ounce rib-eye steak,” Bompas told Kara Manke over at NPR last year. “You are standing before this molten lava that flowing out, and it is beautiful.”

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