14 Actors Who Went To The Extreme To Get Movie Roles

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One of the interesting aspects of being an actor is all of the different people you’ll portray throughout your career.

Let’s take Christian Bale as an example.

The Oscar-winning actor has taken on roles as a soave and ripped Bruce Wayne; a chubby former Vice President of the U.S.A, the crack-riddled brother of a professional boxer, a larger-than-life American gangster and dropped 60 pounds for his transformative role in The Machinist.

Christian Bale gained 45 lbs for Vice.

Now let’s take at 13 other actors who put their bodies through huge changes for a role:

Chris Pratt got pumped for Guardians of the Galaxy.
Jennifer Aniston gained 30 lbs for Cake.
Adam Driver lost 50 lbs for Silence.
Matt Damon gained 30 lbs for The Informant.
Joaquin Phoenix put on 40 lbs for You Were Never Really Here.
Charlize Theron gained 50 lbs for Tully.
Hugh Jackman lost 33 lbs for Les Miseralbes, then gained muscle for The Wolverine.
Anne Hathaway lost 24 lbs for Les Miserables.
Jake Gyllenhaal lost 22 lbs for Nightcrawler, then got pumped for Southpaw.
Colin Farrell gained 45 lbs for The Lobster.
James McAvoy got pumped for Glass.
Jonah Hill lost weight for Maniac.
Chris Hemsworth lost 33 lbs for Heart of the Sea, then got his muscle back for Thor: Ragnarok.

So there you have it. All the actors in this list went above and beyond with “method” acting to ensure they delivered a transformative performance.

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