Vegan YouTube star slammed after she was caught eating fish at restaurant

YouTube star ‘Rawvana’ has come under fire this week for being caught eating fish when she actively describes herself and promotes a vegan lifestyle. Her response has only caused more anger amongst her fans.

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When you preach being a vegan, you better walk the talk otherwise people will call you out big time – something YouTuber Yovana “Rawvana” Mendoza has found out.

The 28 year old social influencer was caught out last week following a split second clip in a friends vlog video, where a plate of fish was spied sitting in front of her. Not only that but many fans commented on how surprised she looked when the camera focused on her, likely out of realisation as to the food in shot.

Credit: YouTube
The incriminating clip whereby fish was spotted in front of the YouTube star.

Fans quickly commented in fury at the star due to the fact she is meant to be a vegan and actively encourages her fans to ‘eat an abundance of delicious fruits and veggies’. With half a million YouTube subscribers and 1.3 million Instagram followers, it is no wonder the clip has had this impact.

In true YouTuber style, Rawvana quickly posted a response video titled ‘THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING’, whereby she revealed the impact of her vegan lifestyle on her body and that she has had to stop going fully vegan.

Credit: YouTube/Rawvana
In response to the fish clip, Rawvana posted this 33 minute explanation video.

She explained how after years of a raw vegan diet and a subsequent 25 day water fast, her menstrual cycles had stopped, leading to her re-introducing eggs and fish into her diet followed by salt and fat shortly after. Trouble is, she never told her fans.

She said:

“I decided to put my health first … That’s exactly why I hadn’t shared it with you. For me, it’s still an experiment.”

Bizarrely she even said that by eating eggs and meat, she is practicing self-love which as you can imagine has not gone down well with her fans. In fact after the video was posted, the backlash grew stronger with many stating she should not be pushing a vegan message in her videos (posted as recently as last week) when she herself is not eating that diet.

Credit: YouTube/Rawvana
One fan posts an angry comment in response to Rawvana’s explanation video.

Watchers quickly responded by spamming her feeds with fish emojis.

Credit: Instagram/Rawvana
Commenters have been quick to spam her feed with fish emojis to mock the situation.

Time will tell how Rawvana will respond and whether her content will change in light of this revelation, but either way she has a lot of making up to do with her fans who she has explicitly lied to.

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