People Are Unfollowing ‘The Rock’ After His Controversial Instagram Post

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock has had an army tank named after him, but when he reposted to thank them, he received a huge and unexpected backlash from fans.

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Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is one of the nicest guys in the business, regularly posting motivational, inspirational messages to Instagram alongside cute photos with his adorable children and puppies. However, this week The Rock has been losing a large number of followers after he posted an image of an army tank that was named after him. Pretty sure he didn’t expect this reaction and this highlights how no one is safe in being misconstrued in the online world.

Credit: Instagram/1stArmouredDiv
The tweet that tagged The Rock to show him the army tank namesake.

Troops at Fort Bliss US Army Base in El Paso, Texas had their picture taken with the tank that had ‘Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’ written on the gun barrel, tagging The Rock in the caption.

Of course, the nice guy he is, The Rock replied to them by reposting the image on Instagram with the caption:

I’m sending a salute of respect & gratitude to the Blackhawk Squadron US 1st Armored Division for the honor of naming their tank (the most advanced in the world) Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Heavy duty, bad ass, sexy AF and built to take care of business. But most importantly, thank you all for your service. Grateful to the bone.

Credit: Instagram/therock
Credit: Instagram/therock
The Rock posts his support and thankfulness for the naming.

What seems like a fairly innocent post actually upset quite a few people, with one commenting ‘how many innocent people is that tank gonna kill?’

Whilst some people appeared to take offence that The Rock would support the army, and effectively war, others jumped to his defence to remind commenters he did not ask for the naming of the tank.

No doubt, The Rock didn’t mean to cause upset through this post and was simply doing the polite thing of thanking them. After all, having a tank named after you is pretty cool.

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