Watch The Mountain From Game Of Thrones Smash The Deadlift World Record

The legend that is The Mountain, from Game of Thrones, is also the current World’s Strongest Man. He certainly proved his status when he broke his own world record at elephant bar deadlifting.

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Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, aka The Mountain (of Game of Thrones fame), eats a staggering number of calories each day to maintain his insane weight, so it’s no surprise he can lift awful lot. But last week, he went full Hulk and broke his OWN world record of deadlifting.

Most people would chill somewhat once status of ‘World’s Strongest Man’ is reached, but not this guy. His previous record last year was a deadlift of 1040.58lbs but this year at The Arnold Strongman Classic he deadlifted a whopping 1044.9lbs. My muscles ache just reading that amount.

Credit: YouTube/Arnold Sports Festival
Björnsson completes his winning deadlift with ease, finished by a roar suitable for The Mountain

Posting his winning lift to Instagram, he captioned the video:

Pretty casual new WR Elephant Bar Deadlift 474kg/1044.9lbs. Very happy with day 1 here at The Arnold Strongman Classic even though 501 will have to wait for another day. Looking forward to day 2. I appreciate all the support guys, thank you!

Casual indeed…

Credit: Instagram/thorbjornsson

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this Game of Thrones legend and how far he will be able to push himself. So far, he seems pretty confident thanks to the love for his unbelievably petite wife (although I think everyone would be petite next to this giant).

Credit: Instagram/thorbjornsson

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