David Beckham Hilariously Gets Another Statue As A James Corden Prank

When James Corden heard Beckham was receiving a statue in his honour, he was quick to get his team on the case and unveil their own version first to hilarious effect.

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Following his time at LA Galaxy, soccer legend David Beckham was honoured with his very own statue in Los Angeles last week. Pretty quickly, Twitter went into meltdown about the likeness of the statue and his good friend and chef, Gordon Ramsey. The whole thing was quite amusing and we only hoped Beckham didn’t take it too personally. Little did we know however that the mocking paled in comparison to what he had experienced the day before during the ultimate prank by James Corden.

The host of ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’ said the prank took over two months to plan and the idea came about as soon as they heard Beckham was to receive a statue in his honour. Of course, Corden and his team made sure they unveiled theirs first.

Corden’s version played up to Beckham’s initial concerns when he last viewed the statue, which meant for a very unflattering imitation with bulbous eyes, a large chin and even larger bottom!

Credit: The Late Late Show

When Beckham saw the silk sheet slide off his statue, his reaction was totally priceless as the shock and disbelief glazed over his eyes. What made us love Beckham even more is that he remained pretty polite throughout the whole ordeal instead of kicking up a major fuss. He simply said:

It’s slightly different than what it was when I saw it in Chicago. I mean, look at my chin. It doesn’t really look nothing like me. I mean, look at my eyes. The only thing that’s good is that hair and that’s about it. I really don’t see how this can go out. Look how long my arms are. I honestly look like Stretch Armstrong.

The embarrassment soon came to an end when a forklift driver ‘accidentally’ knocks the statue over, breaking it into pieces which Beckham hilariously said was ‘probably doing him a favor’.

Safe to say when Corden enters the room, Beckham is totally stunned and lets out quite a few expletives.

Luckily for Beckham his actual statue isn’t anywhere near as terrible and was transported in a much safer way. Fair play to Corden also – he is quickly becoming the King of pranking!

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