Research Suggests Eating Peanut Butter Can Help You Lose Weight

New research suggests that nuts can have a really positive impact on your body weight and health, actually helping you maintain and lose weight, especially into your older years.

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Peanut butter is one of the foods you had when you were little that has totally stuck into adult years. With so many varieties – smooth, crunchy, sweet or nutty, there is something for everyone, but the intense creaminess of the spread always make you conscious of how much you are eating and its impact on health. Well now we might not have to worry, as new research suggests eating peanut butter can actually help you lose weight!

Researchers from Harvard and San Diego Universities published studies respectively, which indicated nuts and peanuts can have a positive impact on our body weight. The Harvard paper by Xiaoran Liu said:

Adding one ounce of nuts to your diet in place of less healthy foods — such as red or processed meat, french fries or sugary snacks — may help prevent that slow, gradual weight gain after you enter adulthood and reduce the risk of obesity-related cardiovascular diseases.

Trouble is, far too often people think nuts are fatty and bad for you but the fat contained in them are ‘good fats’ that are body requires to stay healthy. The second study emphasised the health benefits which also extend to contributing to healthy levels of fibre and protein.

So, next time you fancy a slice of toast with peanut butter – don’t feel guilty! A good dollop with some rye bread or apple slices will actually keep you fuller for longer and satisfy all your indulgent cravings.

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