The pineapple hack that’s taking over the internet right now

Turns out we have been eating pineapples the wrong, and hard, way thanks to a viral hack video. Plus, there seems to be science behind the revolutionary technique.

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I like pineapple, but there’s no denying it’s one of the most frustrating fruits to try and open which often leads to avoidance of eating it. Are you meant to cut down the centre or trim the spiky skin off first? Do you cut into slices and then trim the edges? Or do you do what many have done before and just buy it pre-sliced? Well as this viral video shows, all of the above are wrong and we still can’t believe it.

Twitter user Dennis Naghizadeh shared a video on how best to enjoy the fruit, using only one hand to peel chunks off! There’s us hurting our hands trying to cut the thing up when all along you can peel segments off, thanks to the way it is grown.

The tweet went viral within a matter of minutes and the memes flew in, depicting hilarious reactions of shock and disbelief.

Other Twitter users were not so impressed and claimed they had ‘sore fingers’ from attempting the hack, deeming the theory ‘witchcraft’. It appears the ripeness of the pineapple definitely has a part to play in the success.

The reason behind the hack was posted by Mohammad Aidil bin Ali, who explained that pineapples are actually berries:

As the fruit grows the individual berries coalesce together. Each ‘eye’ is a single individual berry. they may seem fused together, but if you start from the top, you can pluck each eye one by one

Well there really is only one thing for it – time to buy a pineapple and test the theory for ourselves!

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