Soccer Stars Love Salt Bae So Much They Are Salting In Goal Celebration

Footballers appear to be obsessed with Salt Bae, not only regularly enjoying dining at his many restaurant but now even borrowing his iconic salt sprinkling technique as a goal celebration.

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Ever since Salt Bae posted his iconic salt sprinkling technique, his rise to fame has been extraordinary with everyone who’s anyone wanting a piece of him and his world class steak. What has become quickly apparent is that footballers love Salt Bae more than most, in fact they are pretty obsessed with him.

A large number of famous soccer players have been hanging out and dining with the totally extra meat connoisseur including Neymar, Messi, Pogba and Ribery to name just a few. Often posting the experiences on their respective social media pages, they can be seen being served and sometimes even fed by Salt Bae himself.

What is super interesting though is that soccer stars’ love for Salt Bae doesn’t end there, and has been seen on the pitch. Since he went viral, a number of players have humorously made the salt sprinkle their goal celebration.

Salt Bae seems to be wholly entwined with the football world and the love is certainly reciprocated, with him regularly posting heartfelt messages of adoration to his favourite soccer players and treating them like royalty when they dine.

As to why footie stars love Salt Bae so much can’t be attributed to just one factor but there are definitely a few clues. For starters, his restaurants are located in places footballers like to spend their spare time in, for example Miami, Dubai and New York. Plus the food he serves fits pretty well into the strict diet of sports stars – simple red meat and veg all the way. But probably the most likely reason is that Salt Bae is a showman, just like his soccer idols. He is unashamedly flashy, outrageous and his restaurants aren’t cheap either, which tends to be what a world class football player enjoys.

Long may the sprinkling continue!

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