This Mammoth Sandwich Eating Challenge Has Been Completed Just Once In 50 Years

A Mexican restaurant has a huge sandwich eating challenge that is so big, only one person has completed it in 50 years. They have now increased the cash prize for the next brave diner.

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There’s few things better than a well filled sandwich but sometimes bigger is not always better, certainly in the case of Mexico City restaurant Tortas Don Juan which is serving a ginormous sandwich as an eating challenge.

So big is this sandwich, that only one person has ever completed it under the required 30 minutes in its 50 year history and now the restaurant is upping the cash prize as a result.

In the past the restaurant offered 2,500 MXN ( around $129) to any individual brave enough to eat its 6lb 10oz torta cubana sandwich. Now however, the prize is 3,000 MXN ($154) in order to encourage more people to attempt the challenge.

So let’s break the sandwich down. The sandwich is served in a crusty white roll and inside it holds: a dozen layers of beef, ham, sausage, chorizo, egg, cheese, foie gras, breaded meat, chicken, avocado, tomato, onion, spicy sauce and mayonnaise. Wowza.

Credit: CEN

The legendary diner to have completed this mammoth sarnie is Luis Uriel, from Oaxaca, after visiting the restaurant one day last August.

Credit: CEN

Owner Mr Rodriguez said: “He told us he’d seen the challenge on the internet and came here to see if he would be able to do it.” Uriel unbelievably finished, walking away with the prize money and also the cost of his meal.

This sandwich looks pretty intimidating so who knows how long it will be till another legend walks away with a very full stomach. Would you give it go?

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