KFC Has Invented A Fried Chicken Bucket Hot Tub But Needs Your Support To Make Reality

In the KFC Innovation Lab, they have created a hot tub shaped like a fried chicken bucket and it looks amazing. To bring it to life however, they need help from you through crowdfunding sources.

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Everyone wants to stand out in this saturated consumer market, but this aim can often lead to some very strange marketing tactics, and KFC is currently the lead example.

This week they launched an ‘Innovations Lab’ to showcase their wacky inventions, in the hope that the general public will help fund them through IndieGoGo and bring them into reality.

The four KFC themed items are: The “Little Colonel Locator,” a tie that can detect who is wearing it it in a 100 feet radius of your smartphone; the “Smart Cane Remote,” which hides a television remote in the top of a cane; the “Picnic With The Colonel” pop-up picnic table set; the “Colonel On Ice” show, a KFC skating show; and, finally, the pictured “Kentucky Fried Hot Tub.”

First assumption is that this is just a PR stunt to gain attention but the FAQ section quickly addresses the question of whether it is a joke with a resounding no.

“We have done a lot of research and planning into how this project will actually be brought to life. Though the content or tone of this campaign may be humorous, we are standing by to bring this to life for real if we reach our funding goal” 

So how does it all work? Well, taking the hot tub as an example, the crowdfunding goal for it is $46,683! Lets hope there are some die hard KFC fans out there, especially when on of the donation tiers is a mere $13,311…

For this tier however, you will receive a real life KFC Hot Tub (as long as you are one of the first three to donate this amount (probably won’t be tricky)). Smaller and more realistic donations will get you KFC stickers and limited edition branded clothing. But don’t worry, all of the perks will only be fruitful if the entire goal is met and if it is not raised, everyone will get their money back.

Seems fairly risk free and to see a real life KFC hot tub in action I’d probably throw in a few dollars. Make sure to follow the IndieGoGo campaigns to track their progress!

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