Trump Feeds Nation’s Championship Winning Football Team Fast Food Again

President Trump has once again served up a fast food feast to the nation’s championship winning football team, causing a split opinion on whether he served up cheap food or everyone’s guilty pleasure.

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President Trump is never one to shy away from controversy, particularly when it comes to his unusual food preferences and in January, the nation’s championship winning football team – The Clemson Tigers – experienced this first hand.

With staff shortages due to the self imposed government shutdown, the White House kitchen was closed so what else to do but order in a mountain of fast food for the team.

Of course this solution was right up Trump’s street, with the buffet featuring all his favourite fast foods – cheese burgers, Big Macs, French fries and pizza. When the images circulated online, the unusually casual food serving in one of the most upmarket establishments caused confusion with many saying it was inappropriate. But as it turns out this week, Trump thought it was a genius idea because he has gone and done it again.

This time it was the turn of the North Dakota State Bison to experience the fast food feast with the President. The seven-time NCAA Football Championship Subdivision winners enjoyed all the usuals plus options from the Chick-fil-A menu.

Knowing the food would cause a stir again, Trump addressed the food early on stating, “We like American companies. We could have had chefs — we could have — but we got fast food. I know you people very well.” Interesting logic.

Opinion was once again very divided on the menu with some calling Trump ‘cheap and/or crazy’, whereas others praised him for staying true to himself and just giving them what they actually enjoy.

It will be interesting to see if this becomes a permanent fixture for the White House catering team but what is certain is that the next winning football team be prepared to eat with their hands.

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